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Web Design & Logo

For the project, I took on the responsibility of creating a website that serves as the ultimate solution for busy individuals seeking convenient meal options. With the tagline "Your solution at the end of a busy day," Canachef offers a growing range of Halal Heat 'n' Eat meals with uniquely tantalizing flavors that make it difficult to choose just one. Recognizing the time constraints faced by many, Canachef aims to provide ready-made, delicious meals that eliminate the need for extensive preparation.


When designing, I aimed to create a website that reflects the natural and halal qualities of our products. To achieve this, I carefully selected earthy colors that evoke a sense of authenticity and wholesomeness. The warm tones used throughout the website contribute to a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, mirroring the comfort and satisfaction that Canachef brings to its customers. Incorporating images that symbolize nature and halal values played a significant role in the design process. By utilizing visuals that evoke a sense of freshness, quality, and ethical sourcing, I aimed to enhance the overall user experience and convey the essence of our brand. These images not only showcase the mouth-watering meals available but also reinforce our commitment to providing wholesome and trustworthy products.

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