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Overcoming Challenges and Driving Sales Growth on

Case Study Introduction

In this case study, I will share my experience as a digital marketing and sales coordinator at Premier Polmarex, a consumer packaged goods (CPG) food products company. During my tenure, I played a crucial role in the company's entry into the marketplace as a third-party seller. This case study focuses on the challenges faced and the strategies implemented to drive sales growth on


Premier Polmarex entered the marketplace as a third-party seller in late 2020. In the initial months, we encountered slow order growth due to the platform's ongoing development. However, as the platform matured, we witnessed a significant increase in sales volume.

Sales Growth without Marketing Efforts:

From 2021 onwards, we experienced an impressive monthly average sales growth rate of 10% on without implementing any marketing or advertising campaigns. This organic growth highlighted the untapped potential of the platform and the strong demand for our CPG food products.

Test Advertising Campaigns:

To further accelerate our sales growth, I initiated several test advertising campaigns on We experimented with different strategies, including sponsored product listings, banner advertisements, and social media promotions. While these campaigns generated some traction, we found that the most effective strategy for increasing sales was offering discounted pricing.

Settling on Discounted Pricing:

After testing various advertising campaigns, we discovered that discounted pricing was the most successful strategy to drive sales on By offering our products at competitive prices during various sales events organized by, we were able to capture the attention of customers and drive higher sales volumes.

Inventory Management Challenges:

As our sales volume increased, managing inventory effectively became a significant challenge. With hundreds of products available for discounted sales events, we had to completely reorganize our inventory system. This required meticulous planning to ensure we had sufficient stock available for the products offered at discounted prices.

Ensuring Product Quality:

Maintaining the highest quality standards for the products offered during sales events was crucial to our success. We implemented strict procedures for stock intake to ensure that only the highest quality products were shipped to customers. This commitment to quality helped build trust and loyalty among our customers.

Expanding Product Portfolio:

Over time, we worked diligently to expand our product portfolio on to match the number of offerings on other platforms like Amazon. By increasing the variety of products available, we aimed to capture a wider customer base and maximize our sales potential on the marketplace.

Challenges with Seller Central:

During our journey as a third-party seller on, we encountered numerous challenges with the platform's seller central system. Since it was still in its beta stage, we experienced various bugs and issues that disrupted our order management and delivery processes. However, through proactive problem-solving and effective communication with Walmart's support team, we were able to navigate these challenges and ensure a smooth operation.


My experience as a digital marketing and sales coordinator at Premier Polmarex showcases the power of strategic marketing initiatives and adaptability in driving sales growth on By testing various advertising campaigns and settling on discounted pricing, we were able to achieve remarkable sales growth. Overcoming inventory management challenges and effectively navigating the seller central platform were critical to our success. This case study reflects my personal perspective on the strategies implemented and the valuable lessons learned during my time at Premier Polmarex.

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